Since 1997, Diana has been an active member of the beautiful Rock Creek neighborhood, which straddles both urban and rural areas. She primarily serves West Multnomah, Washington and South Columbia counties as your friendly, get-it-done realtor. 

Buying or selling one's property can be an extremely trying and exasperating experience. As a communications skills graduate of the University of Northern Colorado, she applies both her formal education and natural talent for putting people at ease while helping them through the morass of decisions and transactions that come with the process. 

Diana is an avid, intuitive listener who understands the complexities of home buying purchases. She believes that listening to clients' concerns and needs is paramount to being the best friend buyers and sellers can have.

- Diana
I am:
A people-oriented person who is dedicated to my client's satisfaction
What area(s) do you work?:
Hillsboro, Beaverton, West Portland and the Scappoose-St. Helen's area
Most Memorable Challenge:
Selling homes in short-sale position. It is imperative to be somewhat of a psychologist for your client while they are going through this process
Perfect Day:
Any day spent with my children, grandchildren or friends
First Job:
Clerk at a State Farm Office
Preferred Super Power:
The ability to time travel has always fascinated me
To be the best person I can be to my family, friends and awesome clients
Summa is:
The best place I have worked at! My colleagues, Principal Broker and staff couldn't be more helpful
Favorite local neighborhood:
Rock Creek; with walking paths through the golf course and soccor fields as well as Bethany Lake Park you can't beat it!


Diana is a thoughtful and knowledgeable realtor and was our immediate choice to reach out to when we decided to sell our home last summer. She was with us through every stage of the process from providing insight on our choices for areas to make improvements before listing to final signing of the sale. Diana protected our interests through the negotiation process and was patient and kind through what was an emotional experience for us and our family who grew up in the house. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home.
- Paul and Elizabeth W.
Diana assisted me in the purchase of a new home recently. I am highly impressed with her integrity and commitment to represent my interests. I have a busy schedule, her help and assistance was very appreciated and necessary to make the deal. Diana fwill reepresent me in future real estate transactions based on our past relationship.
- Joe A.
I used Diana that's my buyers agent. I was impressed by how thorough she was. I was also very impressed that she was able to go to bat with me builder and got me 2500.00 in closing costs, and I feel she did a great job.
- Tom K.


Portland is unique. The people are open-minded and friendly, many small businesses offer merchandise off the beaten path, and the location offers an Ocean, Mountains and Desert not far away!