-  Hello and Welcome  -

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Stephan Mays (pronounced like 'Steven').  I am a Realtor® with Summa Real Estate Group in Beaverton, Oregon.  Now I know what you're thinking... just another Realtor.  "They don't do anything and they just want my money!"  But fear not, for I am not worried about 'making the sale' or chasing the bottom dollar.  A truly good Realtor actually performs quite a large amount of work and fairly earns their commission.  Everything from designing and arranging advertising and signage, holding open houses, touring and evaluating other properties, to internet marketing and social media are just some of the tasks involved in buying or selling your home.

I am here to provide you with any and all assistance you may require in buying, selling or even just contemplating a real estate transaction.  I find that when you actually listen to your client (imagine that) and focus your efforts on providing viable options that fit their actual needs and budget, that everyone comes out much more satisfied in the end.

Selling your house quickly and for a fair price, and helping you and your family choose a new home that you are genuinely satisfied with, is what I strive for.  The fact that I get paid for such work is just a bonus on top.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or interest you or someone you know may have.  Please remember, referrals are the ultimate compliment in this business and I aim to earn yours!

- Stephan Mays

- Stephan
They call me:
Reggie & Slo
I am:
Fun, dorky, thoughtful, kind, confident & SMRT. (10 bonus points if you get that reference)
Most Memorable Challenge:
Running 26 miles on a whim.
Perfect Day:
Running, basketball, or bmx, and a fresh pair or shoes.
First Job:
Picking Blueberries all summer.
Preferred Super Power:
Ability to fly.
Michael Jeffrey Jordan.
Summa is:
Always moving forward!

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